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Jeni Bezuidenhout



Jeni Bezuidenhout was born in sunny Pretoria, South Africa. She immigrated to Australia at the age of 15 and continued her bubbling passion for writing and performing. Jeni was accepted into the Ballarat Arts Academy where she completed her Bachelor of Acting in 2012.

Jeni has performed in over a dozen plays and short films, including her first feature film Cat Sick Blues which has taken the festival circuit by storm. Plunge, a short film by Kate Lefoe, screened for two years at festivals around the world. Last year Jeni played the lead in the sell-out season of Altar Girl at Adelaide Fringe in a performance which was described as “incredibly magnetic” (yaniism) and that “at times chills you to the bone, and at other times nearly makes you laugh out loud” (Emma  Connell-Doherty, Great Scott).


Jeni produced, co-write and acted in tiny. big. world. (Until Monstrous Theatre). Directed by Sebastian Bertoli, tiny. big. world. was a confronting new work which tackled issues of depression, self-worth and suicide.

She also co-wrote and performed in Goblins, as a part of La Mama Theatre's Explorations 2015.

Thula Thula, a play Jeni wrote, had a development reading through Theatre 451 as part of their Elevate program in 2016 and was performed as part of La Mama Theatre's Explorations in 2019.

Jeni made her directing debut at Melbourne Fringe Festival with the production Love Triangle, 1919 by Kathryn Goldie.

She made her film directing debut last year, directing an episode that she wrote for Flesh Bags, an upcoming six-part sci-fi anthology web series.

Currently she is co-producing Flesh Bags with Sebastian Bertoli, As Head Writers they assembled and ran a writer's room to develop the series Flesh Bags, in association with RMITV.

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Sebastian Bertoli



Sebastian is an award-winning Australian director, screenwriter and actor. He writes and directs across a variety of genres, and finds himself drawn to work with strong female leads, unconventional characters and stories that shine light into the darker corners of the human psyche.

He holds a 2006 BA (Acting) from Ballarat Arts Academy and a 2017 Masters (Film & Television) from the Victorian College of the Arts. For the last dozen years he has acted professionally worldwide. He is passionate about creating fresh, authentic and original Australian content.

Sebastian has directed almost a dozen films that have screened internationally on a variety of different formats including 16mm, smartphones and digital cameras.

The Happiest Of My Life (2015) was awarded Best Ozploitation Short Film at the American Grindhouse Film Festival and queer erotic thriller Candy Cravings (2013) was been embraced by audiences in over two dozen festivals across the US, Europe and India.

The Significance Of Others (2017), his VCA graduate short, was his first foray into the world of improvised film, taking inspiration from the works and techniques used by acclaimed British filmmaker Mike Leigh.

In 2019 he was selected for the Directors Immersive program at CinefestOZ.
For the production of the short Dig (2016), which he wrote and directed, he was awarded the Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship.

Currently he is co-producing Flesh Bags, a six part sci-fi anthology web series he has written with Jeni Bezuidenhout. They will both direct episodes of the series, a co-production between their company Panopticon Collective and RMITV.

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