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Phoebe Nell Williams
Clement Soo
Sebastian Bertoli

Shannon Ly

Watch Me (2017)

Produced by Panopticon Collective & VCA School of Film and Television

Written by Jeni Bezuidenhout

Directed by Sebastian Bertoli


Cast: Karl Richmond, Penelope Langmead, Shannon Ly, Clement Soo, Lucy Pitt, Stephanie Osztreicher, Michelle Keating, Simone Oula, Katya Louise Viglione, Adam Ward, Emma Walmsley and introducing Maisie Ward

A surreal dramedy about a young mans journey to discovering how he can fit into a detached world in a body he doesn't belong in.

Director of Photography

1st Assistant Director


Stills Photographer/BTS Videographer

[Behind The Scenes video]

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