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Tiny Darlings (2022)

Produced by Panopticon Collective / Underground Media

Directed by Sebastian Bertoli

Screenplay by Jeni Bezuidenhout

Cast: Jeni Bezuidenhout, Clare Larman, Clement Soo, Juliet Hindmarsh,
Abbie Moore-Ward, Nick Bradshaw


A young woman has one day left to switch places with someone before she turns into a tiny wooden doll.




Director Of Photography/Colourist

Production & Costume Designer


Hair and Makeup Artist

Sound Recordist



Music Composer

Jeni Bezuidenhout,

Sebastian Bertoli
Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett

Jeni Bezuidenhout

Brodie McMullan-Jones

Daphne Goulter

Reuben Kuan

Sebastian Bertoli,
Chris Bennett

Stephen Chambers


John & Kim at Cloverlea Cottage
Alida & Henry Bezuidenhout

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