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Many Happy Returns (2015)


Produced by Underground Media & Panopticon Collective


Directed by Sebastian Bertoli

Screenplay by Wil Greenway


Cast: Jeni Bezuidenhout & Isabelle Bertoli


It's just a perfect day, if only Lani can shake these terrible dreams she's been having. But some dreams have a funny way of making their way into waking life...


Colourist/Sound Designer

1st Assistant Director

Sound Recordist/

Stills Photographer

Production Designer


Music Composer

Special Thanks

Chris Bennett

Jeni Bezuidenhout

Sebastian Bertoli

Mark Harris

Chris Bennett


Mark Harris

Luke Lennox


Helen Turton

Black Swan Makup FX

Kathryn Langshaw

Kellie Tori

Stephen Chambers

feat. Estella Severain

Mark & Nina Simcocks
Healthways Recreation
and Aquatic Centre

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