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The Happiest Day Of My Life (2015)


Produced by Panopticon Collective & Underground Media


Directed by Sebastian Bertoli

Screenplay by Sasha Kane


Cast: Aimee Sanderson, Isabelle Bertoli, Jeni Bezuidenhout, Chris Bennett


Moonbeam and Ophelia pick up hitcher Becky Buckner, a young woman with a mysterious past. But they all have something in common, and the most loyal bonds between new friends are those sealed in blood...


Director Of Photography

1st Assistant Director


Sound Recordist

Production Designer

Costume Designer



Music Composer


Sound Designer


Chris Bennett

Jessica Fallow

Chris Bennett

Nicholas Hower

Kelly Dowell

Tenille Petrelli

Pete Trimble

Jessica Kate

Stephen Chambers

Nicholas Hower

Sam Heathcote


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