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goldfish (2016)

Produced by Panopticon Collective & VCA School of Film and Television


Directed and written by Sebastian Bertoli


Cast: Jeni Bezuidenhout & Wil Greenway


Col wakes up and can't remember her life with Jamie. Can her heart remember what her head has forgotten?

Director of Photography

1st Assistant Director

Production Designer

1st Assistant Camera



Make Up Artist
Sound Recordist

Boom Operator/

Stills Photographer


Music Performed by

Unit Manager

Post Production Supervisor

Online Editor

Sound Mixer

VCA Screen

Production Coordinator

Supervising Producer

Catherine Bonny

Clement Soo

Nikki Barba

Andrea Joshua Asnicar

Ronak Taher

Sebastian Bertoli

Lisa Rathgen

Lara Gissing

Natalia Chernaya

Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers

feat. Amos Sheehan

(on trombone)

Anthony Dillon

Gordon Lyon

Andrew Connell

Ant Bohun

Donna Hensler

Adrian Holmes

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