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Director of Photography

1st Assistant Director

Production Manager/

2nd Assistant Director

Production Designer


1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera


Best Boy

Costume Designer

Make Up Artist

Sound Recordist/

Boom Operator

Script Supervisor/Continuity

Safety Supervisor

Stills Photographer

Set Designer/Construction

Set Dresser/

Production Assistant Gaffer Assistant/Runner

Unit Manager


Online Editor

Sound Mixer

Music Composer

Post Production Supervisor

VCA Screen

Production Coordinator

Supervising Producer

Clement Soo
Catherine Bonny
Anthony Dillon

Helen Turton
Sebastian Bertoli

Ben Luck
Kornelija Radžiūtė

John Gilmore
Tom Liston
Jeni Bezuidenhout
Daphne Goulter
Jack McCulloch

Philip Booth
Reg Roordink
Andrew Morley
Robert Lingham
Chris Martin-McCombe

Alastair Duffield
Stephanie Wu
Jeni Bezuidenhout

Alida Bezuidenhout

Declan Loughran
Ant Bohun
Stephen Chambers
Gordon Lyon
Donna Hensler

Adrian Holmes

Donna Hensler
Paul Millett (Rosenthal Sunbury)
Kelly Dowall
Lou Mitchell (Maura Fay Casting)
Sam Rankin (Dingle Media)
Bezuidenhout family
Bertoli family

Dig (2016)

Produced by Panopticon Collective & VCA School of Film and Television


Directed and written by Sebastian Bertoli


Cast: Graham Murray, Lisa Negas, Jeni Bezuidenhout, Kevin Dee & Melina Wylie


An old man at the end of his life, a girl at the beginning of hers... Gino’s grieving for his recently deceased wife is interrupted by a home invasion in the middle of the night. Even though Gino and Thea are separated by generations and by cultures, can a simple act of kindness bridge the distance between them?

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