Carved Into Flesh (2019)


Produced by Panopticon Collective / Underground Media

Directed by Sebastian Bertoli

Screenplay by Jeni Bezuidenhout

Cast: Jeni BezuidenhoutAimee Sanderson, Florence Juliet

In a cabin in the woods, two sisters tangle and weave as they try to outrun their mother, and each other.





Director Of Photography/Colourist

Production & Costume Designer


Hair and Makeup Artist

Sound Recordist


Music Composer


Jeni Bezuidenhout,

Sebastian Bertoli
Aimee Sanderson & Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett

Jeni Bezuidenhout

John Gilmore

Love Hawkridge

Jonathan Best

Aleksandar Janev

Stephen Chambers

Alida & Henry Bezuidenhout

VMLY&R Melbourne

© 2020 Panopticon Collective

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