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Altar Girl

Written by Hannah Samuel
Directed by Alanah Guiry

Associate Director - Sebastian Bertoli

Co-Produced by Rotten Honey and Panopticon Collective

7-11 March 2017
Adelaide Fringe

Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury

Performed by Jeni BezuidenhoutShamita SivabalanCharlotte Watson, Ash DormanLucy Orr


Shakespeare's Othello as told by teenage girls out for revenge. A highly collaborative and immersive piece, exploring the frightening and violent nature that is coming of age and coming out.

Some things reviews had to say about Altar Girl:

[Altar Girl] "manages to capture the narcotic quality of teenagehood with blood, sweat, and vomit". (Collage Adelaide)

"Jeni Bezuidenhout is the standout as Iago-equivalent Lara. She plays her
character with cold-fire intensity that at times chills you to the bone, and at other times nearly makes you laugh out loud at the unabashed,
Machiavellian deviousness of it all." 
(Emma O'Connell-Doherty, Great Scott)

"I'm fully aware that Iago (or in this case Lara) is the villain of the piece, Jeni Bezuidenhout is just so incredibly magnetic in the role that I couldn't help but be drawn into her world of intrigue and revenge." (yaniism)

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